We are excited to reveal a new animated video of our novel hydrokinetic turbine technology. Norway based company, Rendering.no carried out the animation work. The video highlights the number of benefits that the device offers to end users including:

  • Simple installation and mooring on site;
  • Unique Deployment system and device design;
  • Low impact naturally diverts marine life and debris and
  • Accessible low cost maintenance and servicing.

The concept, originally developed by GKinetic Energy Ltd. involves two VAWTS (vertical axis turbines) placed on either side of a tear drop shaped vessel. The shape of the vessel coupled with the patented Blade Pitch Control System speeds up the water into the turbines to produce significant energy in low flows of water. We have been funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument to develop and commercialise these devices for river and estuary applications.

The video is now available for viewing on our YouTube Channel: