We are delighted to announce that we have awarded our Request for Tender titled, “Supplemental Service Requirements DPR 60” to Scottish company, Leask Marine. The official contract put in place this week, is to provide support for the design, fabrication, assembly and commissioning of the deployment platform for our 60kW hydrokinetic turbine as part of our Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funded project.

“We were impressed by Leask Marine’s track record in delivering marine energy projects and with their enthusiasm for innovation in design. We are looking forward to working with them on this exciting project.” – Vincent Mc Cormack, Innovation Manager, DesignPro Renewables

We are developing small-scale hydrokinetic turbines for river and estuary applications for commercialisation following this current project. We currently have a smaller, grid connected 25kW device undergoing operational and environmental testing at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux, France since September last year.

Leask Marine is an engineering company that specialises in design and build of marine structures with extensive experience in the build and deployment of tidal energy machines.

“Leask Marine are excited to combine our naval architecture, design and fabrication capabilities to this exciting project. The DesignPro concept offers a simple and viable floating solution to power from tidal and estuary flow and we are proud to help this market reduce LCOE and achieve international traction for many off-grid communities.” – Rupert Raymond, Lead Engineer/ Naval Architect, Leask Marine