Welcome to the new DesignPro Renewables website

March 30th, 2018

The DesignPro Renewables team are delighted to launch their brand new, dedicated website www.designprorenewables.com. DesignPro Renewables is a sister company to DesignPro Automation, both of which are under the one parent company of ‘DesignPro Ltd’. Set up in 2018, DesignPro Renewables is tasked with leading the charge on our ongoing H2020 project. We have 5 fulltime, dedicated team members with a large number of members from DesignPro Automation assisting with the project on a part-time basis.

When DesignPro successfully secured funding last year through the European Commission’s SME Instrument, we quickly realised there was a need to set up a new, dedicated company branch to lead this project. While we are all under the one ‘DesignPro’ umbrella, having a clear divide between the Renewables and Automation branches of the company will make for clearer and more streamlined communications, promotion and marketing for what are 2 very different industries.

So if you are interested in our project then please be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our new social channels. All project related news will be shared through these going forward. Similarly, you can head over to DesignPro Automation (www.designpro.ie) for all Automation related news and updates.