We are delighted to report that the DesignPro Renewables’ custom-built grid connected mooring system is running smoothly at SEENEOH. In September 2018, we deployed a 25kW device at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux, France as part of our Horizon 2020 SME Instrument funded project to develop and commercialise a range of small-scale hydrokinetic turbines using the GKinetic Energy technology concept.

The Challenge to align with the tide

All kinetic turbines perform best when they are properly aligned with the water flow. The challenge was to develop a mooring system that allowed the turbine to turn 180 degrees at each change of tide and also allow for the floating platform to move 7 meters vertically as the tides rise and fall. All this, while maintaining an electrical connection to the shore. As far as we know, we are the first to successfully implement this complex configuration. This achievement is a testament to the excellent collaborative work between ourselves, SEENEOH and Cerenis. This is a significant technical progression that can be applied to our future products where required. Below you can watch the mooring system in full operation in our latest video:

Other updates from our testing

Other significant outcomes from the testing of the 25kW device to date is that the platform is stable in the maximum flows at SEENEOH, the turbine components have been testing at maximum load conditions with no issues and the remote monitoring is up and running which provides live performance and power generation data. We have remote SCADA access from the DesignPro monitoring facility in Limerick, Ireland. We are now preparing for power curves to be verified by the internationally recognised Bureau Veritas.

Our next steps…

While the 25kW device continues to undergo testing at SEENEOH, we are looking ahead to the next, larger 60kW machine. This device is currently in the build phase and we are finalising the site selection process for the deployment of this machine. We are open to discussing future project or partnership opportunities following our current Horizon 2020 project.