At 7:00AM on the 25th of September, launch operations began for our 25kW hydrokinetic turbine at the SEENEOH test site in Bordeaux, France and by 11:00AM the device was successfully secured to the mooring, ready for operation. Our technical team arrived in France last week to assemble the turbines and attach them to the access platform. The assembly of the device was completed at the EVIAA workshop near Bordeaux before being transported to the Quay close to the deployment site. The turbine was easily loaded into the Garonne River by crane and then towed to the deployment site by marine operations company, Cœur d’Estuaire. The technology was designed with simple deployment procedures in mind and this was clearly demonstrated on the day.

DesignPro Renewables’ 25kW hydrokinetic turbine being craned in at SEENEOH in Bordeaux, France

Our Innovation Manager for the project, Vincent Mc Cormack commented:

“This is a huge milestone for our project and an exciting day to see the first device put in the water without a hitch. SEENEOH, Cerenis, EVIAA Marine and Cœur d’Estuaire have been a huge support in implementing the deployment procedures this morning which ran smoothly and as planned.”

The DesignPro Renewables’ technical team in front of the 25kW turbine at SEENEOH in Bordeaux, France

Marlène Kiersnowski, the SEENEOH Test Site Manager had to say the following after yesterday’s launch:

“The launch of DesignPro Renewables’ device was impressively quick. All of the teams involved have put in their best efforts to ensure that the deployment ran smoothly, which it did. We are delighted to be working with DesignPro and look forward to the next phase of testing.”

At SEENEOH, the 25kW device will undergo extensive operational and environmental testing while connected to the French grid. Power curves will be verified by the international recognised Bureau Veritas standard. Our work with the team at SEENEOH has been a fantastic experience and we are excited for the next steps for our Horizon 2020 SME Instrument project to develop and commercialise these devices.