What makes it unique?

The technology concept, originally developed by GKinetic Energy, consists of two-vertical axis turbines positioned on either side of a flow accelerating structure, called the ‘bluff body’. The shape of the bluff body coupled with the patented ‘Blade Pitch Control System’ accelerates the flow of water into the turbines resulting in higher power outputs. The device offers many benefits including:

  • Two innovative, patented concepts enable more power to be harnessed from the flow without the need for disruptive civil works or a ‘head’.
  • A compact design allowing for a simple quick, deployment in rivers and estuaries.
  • The option to easily relocate the device as it is not permanently fixed.
  • Optimised safety features, both for the surrounding ecosystem as well as users and operators: the device naturally diverts fish and debris away from the turbine blades which run at a slow, controlled speed of 40RPM.
  • An easy-access platform, allowing year-round O&M procedures.
  • Quick and very cost-effective blade replacement and repair.
  • Turbines can be raised independently right from the access platform with no need to lift or remove the entire device.
  • Remote monitoring supplies a constant live feed of data on performance and power generation.

How does it work?

The DesignPro Renewables hydrokinetic turbine harnesses the kinetic energy from flowing water found in rivers and estuaries. The unique concept of our device exploits the natural phenomenon that occurs when flowing water comes into contact with an object or obstruction. By using such an obstacle as part of our design, water is compressed and accelerates as it is diverted out and around the bluff body.

Our patented ‘Dual Cam Blade Pitch Control’ system means that when this accelerated flow hits our turbine blades they are harnessing as much power as possible out of the water. The combination of both these unique elements results in higher power generation from the same flow of water and all without the need for any height differential or ‘head’ of water which is what is relied on in traditional hydropower.

Use Cases


– Pier facilities

– Access infrastructure

– Adequate physical characteristics

– Proximity to demand


In September 2018, DesignPro Renewables successfully deployed a 25kW hydrokinetic turbine at SEENEOH in Bordeaux, France.

This device will undergo extensive operational and environmental testing and power curves will be verified by the internationally recognised Bureau Veritas standard.

We are currently exploring larger pilot projects for the next stage of our development. If you have any deployment, site or project opportunities please do not hesitate to get in touch.