The renewable energy sector is a growing industry with companies old and new getting involved, making it an exciting time for DesignPro Renewable’s EU Horizon 2020 project to be commercialising 25kW (Kilowatt) and 60kW hydrokinetic river turbines. There are many inspirational aspects of steering a project like this one including the opportunity to work with a vast range of top-class companies across different technological backgrounds. Here at DesignPro Renewables, we are working with several highly experienced suppliers and partners whose expertise and knowledge is instrumental to the success of our ambitious project. One such partner that we have found great synergy with is Mitsubishi Electric. Recently, their National Sales Manager, Adrian Gubbins, took the time to answer some questions on Mitsubishi and what it’s been like to be a part of this project:

Can you tell us a bit about Mitsubishi Electric’s background and what your company specialises in?

“Mitsubishi Electric is a multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with approximately 138,700 employees worldwide. Energy and Electric Systems, Industrial Automation Systems, Information and Communication Systems, Electronic Devices and Home Appliances are five key focus areas for the company. Mitsubishi Electric has research centres in Japan and overseas. New technologies from Mitsubishi Electric that will meet the needs of the future are developed by our research centres and by working with selected partners that are continually looking ahead and fully supporting the company’s R&D and business activities.”

The Mitsubishi Electric team

What has your experience in the renewable energy sector been like so far?

“Mitsubishi Electric is engaged in numerous cutting edge technology developments in cooperation with companies within the renewable energy sector like DesignPro Renewables and is itself a major manufacturer and provider of photovoltaic systems. Our company also develops innovative semiconductor, control and optimisation software and hardware technologies used in converter and inverter technology for the majority of renewable applications such as wind energy, tidal energy, CHP energy generation and photovoltaic panels.”

Mitsubishi initially contacted DesignPro Renewables after the news broke out about our Horizon 2020 funding for €2.7 million to develop these hydrokinetic devices. After a successful tendering process, Mitsubishi are now working with us on the PTO (power take off) system for the 25kW turbine, which will be deployed at Seeneoh in Bordeaux, France later this summer for testing. Adrian commented:

“This is a very interesting project for Mitsubishi Electric to be part of. We were delighted to get the opportunity to work with such a passionate team following our selection as the electrical technology provider after a review of our technology.”

The project is well underway and we are delighted to be working with Mitsubishi Electric. We look forward to getting the 25kW device in the water, and testing the PTO system at Seeneoh.